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FitAmp Plasma/Serum DNA Isolation Kit


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Schematic Procedure for the FitAmp™ Plasma/Serum DNA Isolation Kit.
The FitAmp™ Plasma/Serum DNA Isolation Kit simply applies our proprietary DNA isolation buffer to plasma or serum. After treatment with DNA digestion buffer, the DNA is easily recovered in 8-20 ul by our specially designed F-Spin Column. DNA is ready for downstream application.
Input Type: Unisolated Samples
Research Area: DNA Damage & Repair, DNA Methylation, Next Gen Sequencing
Target Application: Sample Isolation
Vessel Format: Columns/Tubes
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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P-1004-150 samples $120.00 
P-1004-2100 samples $205.00 
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Product Overview

The FitAmp™ Plasma/Serum DNA Isolation Kit is a complete set of essential components specifically designed to isolate tiny amounts of DNA from plasma or serum samples within 12 minutes.


  • Fast procedure which can be finished within 12 minutes with consistent isolation conditions.
  • High efficiency of DNA isolation from plasma or serum containing a tiny amount of DNA (as low as 0.1 ng).
  • Use of non-toxic reagents and no phenol chloroform.
User Guide & MSDS

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