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Epigentek Releases New Multi-Sample Sonication System Optimized for Next-Generation Sequencing 10/22/2014   
Epigentek, a biotech firm based in Farmingdale, New York, released a new model in their line of soni....
Epigentek Introduces a Cost-Effective and Reliable Means to Validate Antibodies for ChIP 06/11/2014   
Epigentek today announced the debut of Pre-Sure(TM), a commercialized kit for quickly validating and....
Epigentek Introduces a New Method to Quantitate the “Fifth RNA Base” m6A in Cells and Tissues for RNA Methylation Studies 10/16/2013   
Research experts from Epigentek, the leading company specializing in epigenetics, have developed a n....
Epigentek to Offer Higher Sensitivity Next Generation Sequencing Research Products 10/01/2013   
NEW YORK, Oct 1 - Epigentek, a Farmingdale-based company specializing in epigenetic research pr....
Epigentek Launches Post-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation Method Used In Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing 08/27/2013   
NEW YORK, August 21 - Farmingdale-based epigenetics company Epigentek has launched a new product, th....
Epigentek Debuts Its Multiplex Assay Kit For Simultaneously Studying 21 Post-Translational Histone H3 Modifications 08/21/2013   
NEW YORK, August 21 - Leading epigenetics company Epigentek, located in Farmingdale, NY, has develop....
USPTO Issues Notice of Allowance to Epigentek for its Global DNA Hydroxymethylation Quantification Technologies 05/31/2012   
NEW YORK, May 31 - Epigentek Group Inc. announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark ....
Epigentek Releases Its Next Low-Cost, High-Throughput Sonication Devices for DNA and Chromatin Shearing 03/23/2012   
NEW YORK, March 23 - New York based biotech firm Epigentek launched the next version of its sonicati....
Epigentek Creates New Way to Detect "Seventh Base" 5-Formylcytosine 03/19/2012   
NEW YORK, March 19 - Scientists at Epigentek have developed a new microplate-based method to measure....
Epigentek Introduces a New Method for Direct Detection of 8-OHdG Oxidative DNA Damage 11/08/2011   
NEW YORK, Nov 8 - Epigentek has developed a new method to measure 8-OHdG oxidative DNA damage and is....
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