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Epigentek Releases One Hour ChIP Kit to Meet Next Generation Demands in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation 12/07/2010   
NEW YORK, Dec 7 – Scientists at Epigentek have developed a next generation ChIP technology which s....
Epigentek Introduces an Advanced Sonication System for Hi-Throughput Sample Preparation in Next Generation ChIP & DNA Sequencing 12/07/2010   
NEW YORK, Dec 7 - Epigenetic specialists at Epigentek announced the product release of the EpiSonic(....
Epigentek Extensively Adds to Its Catalog of Epigenetic Antibodies 10/27/2010   
NEW YORK, Oct 26 - Epigentek is well known for its DNA and histone methylation research kits in the ....
Epigentek Offers a Complete Kit Series for Quantifying Both Global DNA Methylation and Hydroxymethylation 09/02/2010   
NEW YORK, Sep 2 - Epigentek Group Inc. announced today that it released two more products in its Met....
Epigentek Receives Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for its Global DNA Methylation Quantification Methods 07/12/2010   
NEW YORK, July 12 - Epigentek Group Inc. announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark....
Epigentek Creates New Technology for Rapidly Quantifying the Sixth DNA Base 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in Cells and Tissues 06/29/2010   
NEW YORK, June 28 – Research experts in the epigenetic field from Epigentek have developed a new, ....
Epigentek Introduces Next Generation DNA Bisulfite Conversion Method to the Epigenetic Research Market 03/08/2010   
NEW YORK, March 8 - Epigenetic specialists at Epigentek have developed a next generation technology ....
Epigentek Develops a New Method of Measuring Global DNA Methylation 09/29/2009   
NEW YORK, Sep 29 - Epigentek Group Inc. today announced that it released the SuperSenseâ„¢ Methy....
Epigentek Releases Kits for Complete and Systematic Detection of All Histone H3 Modification Patterns 01/05/2009   
NEW YORK, Jan 5 - Epigentek Group Inc. announced today that it released 24 commercial assay kits for....
Epigentek Releases a Series of Histone H3-K4 Demethylase Activity and Inhibition Assay Kits 11/13/2008   
NEW YORK, Nov 13 -- Epigentek Group Inc. announced that it released the EpiQuik (TM) histone H3-K4 d....
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