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Headquartered in Farmingdale, New York, Epigentek is a vibrant, young company and the leading provider of cutting edge biotechnology products -- specifically epigenetic research kits, antibodies, and reagents. One of the fastest growing fields in the life sciences community, epigenetics has the potential to fight cancer and genetic-related diseases. If you are interested in a position -- especially an epigenetics job -- please send an e-mail along with your resume to If you learned about an open position through a recruiting agency or through a employment website, please follow the application instructions through that agency or on that job advertisement.

Associate Scientist - Conduct QC and research; prepare NGS libraries; carry out various service projects for clients.

Biology Internship - Prepare stock solutions and buffers; product testing and QC; general lab work

PHP Web Developer - Maintain website; streamline marketing; improve operating efficiency through cloud software.

Epigentek is an epigenetics company that specializes in epigenetic kits, antibodies, reagents, and services for epigenetic research in DNA methylation, histone modification, and chromatin studies. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Site Map
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