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BisulPlus Loci 5mC & 5hmC Detection PCR kit
Our Mission
To build and become the world-leading, complete and systematic provider of epigenetic-related products, technologies, and services through innovative and intelligent research and development.

Our objectives are to:
  • Assist researchers in solving challenges in epigenetic issues.
  • Develop and introduce simplification and accuracy to epigenetic experiments.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through superior reliability, speed, service, and quality.
  • Encourage and facilitate the study of epigenetics for potential medical applications.
  • Pioneer and innovate epigenetic products through routine analysis of technological trends.
About the Company
As an epigenetics company, Epigentek Group Inc. is the leading developer and provider of innovative technologies and products for epigenetic-related research. Founded in 2005, the company has since developed a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary products to provide complete and systematic solutions for epigenetics-related research and drug discovery.

Epigentek products are used all around the world by esteemed academia, leading pharmaceuticals, and cutting-edge biotechnology companies. These unique products are specifically designed to make assays much simpler, faster, more convenient, and highly more efficient than currently used methods. Epigentek's products are sold through a dedicated sales force and a global network of distributors in more than thirty six countries and regions. It is our number one priority to ensure that the innovation of our technology will result in complete customer satisfaction and the greatest success in your experiments.

The company, particularly emphasizing speed and effectiveness in its technologies, continues to focus on epigenetic innovation and extensively develop and enhance its product portfolio.

For more information about our company, products, investing, or distributorship, please contact info@epigentek.com.

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