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   Issue 4
Featured in This Issue: Applying Next Generation Sequencing to Epigenetics
Plus: An Easier Means to Studying Global DNA Methylation, Multiplex Identification of Histone Modifications, m6A RNA Methylation ELISA, Microplate-based ChIP

Published: April 2016
   Issue 3
Featured in This Issue: Progress in DNA Methylation Analysis Technology: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job
Plus: Screen for H3 & H4 Histone Modification Patterns, High Sensitivity ChIP, NGS in a Post Bisulfite World, Powerful Paramagnetic Purification

Published: September 2014
   Issue 2
Featured in This Issue: Advances in Technologies & Tools for Epigenetic Analysis
Plus: DNA Methylation Analysis of 5mC, 5hmC and 5fC Bases, ChIP & Protein-DNA Interaction, High Throughput DNA & Chromatin Shearing, Histone Modification Studies

Published: July 2012
   Issue 1
Featured in This Issue: Next Generation DNA Bisulfite Conversion
Plus: Epigenetics Review, DNA Methylation Quantification, Histone Modification, ChIP & MeDIP, DNA Hydrolysis, Epigenetic Enzyme Activity & Inhibition, Epigenetic Antibodies

Published: April 2010
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