Global 5-mC Quantification

During specific pathological, environmental, or developmental states, global DNA methylation levels can be altered in the genome. DNA hypomethylation or hypermethylation has been used as a molecular marker in numerous biological processes, including cancer. Therefore, the accurate measurement of total 5-mC levels can help epigenetic researchers to better understand the role DNA methylation plays in biological processes and the disruption of such processes.

Using an ELISA-based assay, EpiGentek’s proprietary global 5-mC quantification service quantifies global DNA methylation by specifically measuring 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) levels with highly accurate, reliable results. Measuring global DNA methylation status is useful for identifying the distribution of this base (5-mC) in different cell types and various areas of the genome.

Global 5-mC
Service #S-1GDQ
Quantitate total methylated cytosine levels in DNA on a global scale.
Antibody-based processing of samples
Accurate readout of OD values
Calculation of total global 5-mC levels

Sample Requirements

Epigenetic Services Sample Requirements
We currently accept DNA, cell, and tissue samples for our Global 5-mC Quantification service. Proper sample preparation along with the appropriate quality control methods on your end will allow the greatest chance for assay success. Please follow all guidelines for sample requirements, packaging and labeling, and shipping which are outlined on the Submission Instructions page.

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