ChIP Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) Service

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) offers an advantageous tool for studying protein-DNA interactions and can be used to determine whether a specific protein binds to a particular sequence of a gene, such as the target sequence of a transcription factor or to compare the levels of histone methylation associated with a specific gene promoter region between normal and diseased tissues. Identifying the genetic targets of DNA binding proteins and revealing the mechanism of protein-DNA interaction is crucial for understanding cellular processes.

Map genome-wide histone modifications with EpiGentek’s comprehensive chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) platform. Optimized buffers and protocol allow minimal ChIP background and increased sensitivity and specificity of the ChIP reaction.

  • All kits used in our ChIP-Seq services are commercially available with our ChIP-Seq Workflow.
  • Highly efficient enrichment of targeted DNA. Enrichment ratio of positive to negative control > 500.
  • High sensitivity and flexibility allows both non-barcoded (singleplexed) and barcoded (multiplexed) DNA library preparation.
  • Delivery of high-quality publishable data.
    • Receive full deliverable package including Illumina FASTQ raw sequencing files, FastQC quality control insight, Bismark read mapping, Peak calling, peak annotation and differential binding analysis.
Why ChIP-Seq With Us?
Service #S-3CPS
Map any H2, H3, H4 histone modifications across the entire genome
End-to-End Package:
Includes everything from sample preparation to data analysis
FASTQ raw data, FASTQC quality control insights, read mapping, methylation calling and differential methylation analysis.
Sequencing & Library Preparation Guarantee:
Library QC by Bioanalyzer, KAPA quantification
and Q30 sequencing score > 75%
Histone Modifications Included:
Use any H2, H3, H4 histone modifications in our catalog for no additional charge
Antibody Validation:
ChIP-grade antibody validation step to prove specificity,
affinity and reproducibility
Flexible Sample Requirements:
Can accept ChIPed DNA with histone modification antibodies
Post-Completion Technical Support:
Complimentary high-quality support to assist with data analysis at no additional charge

*Assuming 11 isolated treated chromatin samples submitted, 1 input control and 1 histone modification antibody target (12 libraries) placed on 1 SR50 lane

What EpiGentek Provides

If ChIPed DNA sample submitted, workflow begins at Library Preparation step.

Example Data

ChIP-Seq Example Data & Figures
*These are examples of data that may be provided. Please consult your service representative regarding the exact data you will receive.

Sample Requirements

Epigenetic Services Sample Requirements

We currently accept chromatin or ChIPed DNA for our ChIP Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) service. Proper sample preparation along with the appropriate quality control methods on your end will allow the greatest chance for assay success. Please follow all guidelines for sample requirements, packaging and labeling, and shipping which are outlined on the Submission Instructions page.

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