Why Epigentek?

Extensive Experience

  • Since 2005, EpiGentek has been the leading developer and provider of cutting-edge technologies and products with an exclusive focus on the study of epigenetics.
  • Our innovative research technologies are used globally by esteemed academia, leading pharmaceuticals, and cutting-edge biotechnology companies.
  • As the first company to offer epigenetic-oriented drug discovery services, EpiGentek’s highly trained scientists have strong expertise in assay design, sample processing, experimental procedures, and data analysis so you can be confident that your data will be accurate and reliable.

Comprehensive Offering

  • We offer the most comprehensive service packages to address all aspects of epigenetic research, including DNA methylation, histone modification, chromatin remodeling, and non-coding RNA studies.
  • Customized services and assay design to meet individual service needs or specialized platforms.

Speed and Quality

  • Fast turnaround-time based on our streamlined workflow.
  • Simple and straightforward sample submission requirements takes the guess-work out of sample preparation.
  • Delivery of high quality, publishable data.