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The EpiQuik Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MDIP) Kit Has Been Released 05/31/2006   
Epigentek announced that it released the EpiQuik Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (MDIP) Kit. The ....
New Products For Measuring Histone H3-K27 Methylation And MBD2 Binding Have Been Released 04/27/2006   
Epigentek announced that it released the 6 new kits which include those used for studying global and....
The EpiQuik Global Histone Acetylation Assay Kits (H3 and H4) Has Been Released 03/17/2006   
Epigentek Inc has released the new kits for measuring global histone H3 and H4 acetylation. Acetylat....
Non-Radioactive Assay Kit For Measuring DNA Demethylase Activity/Inhibition Has Been Developed 02/27/2006   
DNA demethylation is necessary for the epigenetic reprogramming of the genes and involves the proces....
Epigentek Released the Site-Specific Histone H3 Global Methylation Assay Kits 01/03/2006   
The kits include both whole cell-based and cell lysate-based detection formats. The site-specific me....
The Methylamp Global DNA Methylation Quantification Kit was Developed by Epigentek 12/27/2005   
Decreased global DNA methylation (hypomethylation) has been proposed as a molecular marker in a vari....
Non-Isotopic Assay Kits Used for Measuring Activity/Inhibition of Site-specific Histone Methyltransferases 11/07/2005   
Epigentek announced that it has established the non-isotopic assay method for measuring activity/inh....
Innovative Colorimetric Assay Kits for Semi-quantitative Measurement of Individual HDAC Level Were Developed by Epigentek 10/18/2005   
Currently three kits used for HDAC1 (P-4005), HDAC2 (P-4006) and HDAC8 (P-4007) assay are available.....
The Innovative Colorimetric EpiQuik HDAC Activity/Inhibition Assay Kit is Available Now 09/26/2005   
The innovative colorimetric EpiQuik HDAC Activity/Inhibition Assay Kit can be used for directly meas....
The Unique EpiQuik DNA/Histone (H3-K9) Methyltransferase Activity/Inhibition Assay Kits Have Been Released 08/22/2005   
For the first time ever, these kits provide the market with the non-isotopic method for measuring ac....
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