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EpiGentek Releases New ELISA-like Kits for Circulating Histone Modification Detection in Plasma or Serum
Published 05/22/2017
EpiGentek debuts ELISA kits for colorimetric measurement of circulating histone modifications, including the first commercially available multiplex kit to simultaneously quantify 22 different circulating histone H3 modifications, directly from plasma or serum.

EpiGentek, a Farmingdale, NY-based biotech firm specializing in epigenetic research products expands their portfolio of histone modification assays with the release of a series of ELISA-like kits that provide a simple and fast method for detecting circulating histone modifications, including the first commercially available multiplex kit for high-throughput measurement of circulating modified histone H3, directly from plasma or serum.

Abnormal histone modification patterns have been associated with many different diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory and neurological diseases. Detecting circulating histone H3 modifications can provide researchers with useful information for a better understanding of epigenetic regulation of gene activation, gene silencing and histone modification-associated pathological disease processes.

Circulating modified histones in the plasma or serum are also considered markers for many different diseases or pathological change. Previously, there were no convenient or fast methods for measuring circulating modified histone H3, which impacted the assessment of clinical utility of potential biomarkers. Now, EpiGentek’s kits for circulating histone modification detection enable researchers to screen disease-related biomarkers directly from plasma or serum samples within 2.5 hours.

The series includes assays for fast, colorimetric detection of specific modifications in circulating histones such as circulating mono-, di-, and trimethyl histone H3K4, H3K9, H3K27, and H3K36, as well as circulating acetyl histone H3K9, H3K18, H3K27, and H3K56. Also included is the EpiQuik Circulating Histone H3 Citrullination ELISA Kit for ELISA-like measurement of total citrullinated histone H3 at arginines R2, R8, and R17, directly from plasma or serum.

Furthermore, the EpiQuik Circulating Modified Histone H3 Multiplex Assay Kit is the very first commercially available multiplex kit for high-throughput screening of circulating modified histone H3. This kit enables researchers to simultaneously measure 22 different histone H3 modifications, which includes all of the most important and well-characterized patterns.

The circulating histone modification multiplex kit allows researchers to simultaneously screen their samples for a wide range of modifications in a cost-effective manner. The assay has high sensitivity with a detection limit as low as 0.5 ng/well for each modification pattern and a dynamic range of 1-20 ng/well within the indicated amount range of the plasma or serum.

In an assay with this kit, each histone H3 modified at specific sites is captured by an antibody that is coated on the strip wells and specifically targets the appropriate histone modification pattern. The captured histone modified at specific sites is then detected with a detection antibody, followed by a color development reagent. The amount of modified histone can be easily measured by a microplate reader for absolute or relative quantification.

The new series of EpiGentek’s ELISA-like circulating modified histone assay kits provide a convenient and accurate way for researchers to specifically detect modifications to circulating histones, which can be useful for discovering new biomarkers for disease and understanding the link between histone modifications and pathological change.

For more information on circulating histones as epigenetic biomarkers of disease, readers can go to EpiGentek’s resource bulletin: https://www.epigentek.com/catalog/circulating-histones-as-epigenetic-biomarkers-of-disease-n-11.html

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