Nucleic Acid Modifications

Comprehensive Tools for DNA and RNA Methylation Studies

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Methylation Revelation

Empowering your discovery in RNA methylation

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Histone Modification Data In A Crunch!

Fast, easy, & convenient assays

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Don't Gamble With Your Samples. All In On ChIP!

High Enrichment ChIP, CUT&RUN, and CUT&Tag Kits

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BOGO Conjugated Antibodies

Buy a conjugated antibody, get another one automatically free!

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Core Epigenetic Areas:

DNA Methylation
Quickly measure 5-mC, 5-hmC, or 5-fC in DNA.
RNA Methylation
Investigate the mystery of m6A & 5-mC in RNA.
Chromatin Studies
Reliably immunoprecipitate chromatin in a fast and efficient manner.
Histone Modification
Screen and measure multiple H3 or H4 modification patterns.
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