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EpiQuik Nuclear Extraction Kit II (Nucleic Acid-Free)


For isolation of nucleic acid-free nuclear proteins from cells or tissues

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Schematic image of the EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit II (Nucleic Acid-Free).
Input Type: Unisolated Samples
Research Area: DNA Methylation, Histone Acetylation, Histone Methylation, Sumoylation
Target Application: Sample Isolation
Vessel Format: Columns/Tubes
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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Product Overview

The EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit II (Nucleic Acid-Free) is a complete set of optimized reagents to provide a simple and selective method for isolating nuclear proteins free of nucleic acids attached, to be used in a variety of applications in just 60 minutes. These applications may include Western blot, protein-DNA binding assays, nuclear enzyme assays, and any other procedures requiring optimized nucleic acid-free nuclear proteins but not enzymatic activity. The protocol is fast and easy-to-use, and also isolates very abundant yields of nuclear extract from mammalian cells or tissue samples. Some of the kit's highlighted featured include the following:

  • Pre-optimized and simple step-wise 1 hour protocol.
  • Conveniently includes all essential reagents to carry out a nucleic acid-free nuclear extraction.
  • Standardized procedure for reproducible results.

Principle & Procedure
The EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit II (Nucleic Acid-Free) simply applies our proprietary nuclear protein isolation buffers to cell/tissues. After treatment with pre-lysis and lysis buffers, the nucleic acid-free nuclear proteins are easily extracted for immediate use or storage at proper conditions.

Note: This item was formerly catalog no. OP-0002-2 (OP00022, OP-00022, OP0002-2)


Fig. 1. Schematic image of the EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit II (Nucleic Acid-Free).

Product Components

NP1 (10X Pre-Extraction Buffer)
NP2 (Extraction Buffer)
NP3 (Extraction Pre-Cleaner)
NP4 (Extraction Cleaner)
1000X DTT Solution
1000X Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (PIC)
User Guide

User Guide & MSDS

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[Material Safety Data Sheet]
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