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Methylamp Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit


Directly carry out bisulfite conversion from cells, tissues, saliva, urine, or blood

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Suggested Workflow
DNA Isolation
DNA Bisulfite Conversion
PCR Analysis
Schematic procedure for using the Methylamp Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit.
The different amounts of MCF-7 cells or DNA isolated from MCF-7 cells were modified using the Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit or Methylamp™ One-Step DNA modification kit, respectively. 10
Input Type: DNA
Research Area: DNA Methylation
Target Application: Sample Modification
Vessel Format: Columns/Tubes
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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P-1016-4040 samples $173.00 
P-1016-8080 samples $308.00 
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Product Overview

The Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit is an innovative and unique set of essential components which enables the experimenter to perform DNA methylation analysis and modify DNA directly from cells or tissues using Epigentek's uniquely simplified and streamlined bisulfite method. The entire procedure can be completed within only 3 hours. The Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit is specifically designed for DNA methylation research using minute amounts of starting materials including cells cultured in 96-well/384-well plates, tissue section samples, microdissection samples, tissue biopsy and early embryonic cells/oocytes. 

Modified DNA is eluted by using the Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit and is suitable for real time MS-PCR. It is also suitable for all techniques currently used for the analysis of DNA methylation; including conventional MS-PCR, bisulfite sequencing, pyrosequencing, and methylation microarray. If you use the Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit for MSP, the numbers of PCR cycles should be greater than 45. The kit has the following advantages:

  • Directly modify DNA in cells or tissues.
  • Rapid streamlined 3 hour procedure.
  • Completely converts unmethylated cytosine into uracil: modified DNA > 99.5%.
  • The lowest degradation of DNA in the modification process: more than 90% of DNA loss can be prevented with a unique DNA protection buffer.

Principle & Procedure
The Methylamp™ Whole Cell Bisulfite Modification Kit contains all reagents required for bisulfite conversion directly on a cell or tissue sample. The kit allows DNA to be isolated from cells or tissues, denatured and bisulfite modified simultaneously in same tube with the specific reaction buffer under the thermodynamic condition. In the modification process, bisulfite reagent reacts specifically with single-stranded DNA, thereby deaminating cytosine and creating a uracil residue. The unique DNA protection reagents contained in the modification buffer can prevent the chemical and thermophilic degradation of DNA in the bisulfite treatment. The non-toxic modified DNA capture buffer enables DNA to tightly bind to the column filter, thus DNA cleaning can be carried out on the column to effectively remove residual sodium bisulfite and salts. Modified DNA can then be eluted and stably stored at -20°C for up to 2 months.

Starting Materials
The amount of starting materials for each modification can be 100-20000 cells, or 1 µg-100 µg of tissue, or 0.2-2 mm2 tissue section samples. For optimal modification, the amount should be 500-5000 cells, or 5-20 µg of tissue, or 0.5-1 mmtissue section samples, respectively.

Product Components

W1 (Digestion Powder)
W2 (Digestion Solution)
W3 (Cell Collection Buffer)
W4 (DNA Modification Powder)
W5 (DNA Modification Buffer)
W6 (Balance Buffer)
W7 (DNA Binding Buffer)
W8 (Modified DNA Elution)
F-Spin Column
F-Collection Tube
User Guide

Frequently Asked Q's

1. What should I do if tissue is not completely digested?
The digestion is dependent on the size of tissues. Complete digestion may not be achieved if tissue is >2 mm2, in this case, continue to next step.

User Guide & MSDS

[User Guide]*
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[Safety Data Sheet]
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