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Streptavidin-Coated Strip Microwell Plate (Flat)


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Product Overview

Streptavidin-coated surfaces offer a powerful and universal method to bind any biotinylated molecule (proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, oligonucleotides, DNA fragments, etc.). Epigentek's Streptavidin-Coated Strip Microwell Plate has the following features:

  • Perforated 8-well strips which fit onto both 8x12 and single well holding frames
  • Pre-blocked and ready-to-use
  • High sensitivity to detect as low as 0.05 ng/well of biotinylated-HRP with a detection range of 0.05 to 10 ng/well of biotinylated molecules
  • SBS standard compliant dimensions
  • Ideal for fast processing on automated machinery and instruments

Storage Temp & Conditions
Store aliquots at 4°C. 

Application Notes
Used for the detection of various concentration of biotinylated molecules and general ELISA screening

User Guide & MSDS

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