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Measure Global 5-mC DNA in Just 2 Hours!

Measuring global 5-mC and 5-hmC levels in DNA doesn’t need to be a big hassle. Forget those cumbersome techniques that can be lengthy, costly and often produce too much unnecessary data. Instead, save yourself the extra effort and quantify global DNA methylation levels in one easy step with our MethylFlash™ Global DNA Methylation and Hydroxymethylation ELISA Easy Kits.

So fast...finish in just 2 hours
ELISA-like format enables direct quantitation of genomic DNA methylation in a “one-step” reaction
Significantly more affordable than costly LC-mass spectrometry

» View MethylFlash™ Global DNA Methylation (5-mC) ELISA Easy Kit

» View MethylFlash™ Global DNA Hydroxymethylation (5-hmC) ELISA Easy Kit

Accurate quantification of 5-mC content of various DNA samples from different species using the MethylFlash™ Global DNA Methylation (5-mC) ELISA Easy Kit (Cat. #P-1030). The results are closely correlated with those obtained by HPLC-MS. An example of an optimal standard curve generated with 5-mC standard control.

Advantages & Features of MethylFlash Easy Kits:
  • Fast - Reduced steps allow you to finish in only 2 hours
  • Robust - Improved kits have a greater “signal window” with reduced variation between replicates
  • Convenient - Inherently low background noise without the need for DNA denaturation and plate blocking steps
  • Sensitive - Detection limit can be as low as 0.05% methylated or 0.01% hydroxymethylated DNA from 100 ng of input DNA
  • Specific - No cross-reactivity to unmethylated or other modified cytosines
  • Universal - Included positive and negative controls allow for detection of DNA methylation or hydroxymethylation in any species from either single-stranded or double-stranded input DNA
  • Accurate - Optimized positive controls that can be fractionalized in percentage scale, allowing the assays to be more accurate and highly comparable with HPLC-MS analysis
  • Flexible - Strip-well microplate format for manual or high throughput analysis
» View Side-by-Side Comparison

Schematic procedure for both the MethylFlash™ Global DNA Methylation (5-mC) and Hydroxymethylation (5-hmC) ELISA Easy Kits.

How are these new kits different from our previous MethylFlash kits?

The MethylFlash Easy kits, while still retaining the many advantageous features of the previous kits, utilizes a “one-step” ELISA reaction to eliminate the need for multiple sample and antibody binding steps. The protocols of these new kits are simplified, reducing the procedure times by 50% versus the previous MethylFlash kits. Some adjustments were made to also reduce the CV% between wells. The greater “signal window” of each kit, along with adjusted calculation formulas, makes these new kits very accurate. In a nutshell, MethylFlash Easy kits are faster, easier, more robust, and more accurate.
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