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DNA and RNA molecules undergo various chemical modifications that have major impacts on the expression and inhibition of our genes. To better serve researchers in their epigenomic and epitranscriptomic pursuits, EpiGentek offers a variety of high-quality and validated DNA and RNA Modification Antibodies targeting the most common and widely-studied modification types, including 5-mC, 5-hmC, and m6A. These antibodies are highly specific for their target modification with no cross-reactivity, are extensively cited, and are the driving force behind the success of EpiGentek’s revolutionary MethylFlash technology. Each antibody comes standard with a 100% application guarantee, so you can research with complete confidence.

DNA Modification Antibodies RNA Modification Antibodies
5-mC Monoclonal Antibody [33D3]
Catalog #: A-1014

Validated Applications: DB, ELISA, IF, IHC, IP, MeDIP
Reactivity: Broad Range
Host: Mouse
m6A Polyclonal Antibody
Catalog #: A-1801

Validated Applications: DB, ELISA, ICC, IP, Nucleotide Array
Reactivity: Broad Range, Human, Mouse
Host: Rabbit
5-hmC Monoclonal Antibody [HMC/4D9]
Catalog #: A-1018

Validated Applications: DB, ELISA, hMeDIP, IF, IHC
Reactivity: Broad Range
Host: Mouse
m6A Monoclonal Antibody [2H6]
Catalog #: A-1802

Validated Applications: DB, IF, Nucleotide Array
Reactivity: Broad Range, Human, Mouse, Rat
Host: Rabbit

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