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EpiNext Hi-Fi cDNA Synthesis Kit


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The EpiNext HiFi cDNA Synthesis Kit mechanism uses both A) oligo-dT and B) random hexamers.
Input Type: RNA
Research Area: RNA Methylation
Target Application: Library Construction, PCR Amplification, Sample Modification
Vessel Format: Columns/Tubes
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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P-9004-2020 samples $185.00 
Availability: Usually Ships In 1-2 Days 
Product Overview

The EpiNext™ Hi-Fi cDNA Synthesis Kit is a complete set of optimized reagents to synthesize a DNA copy specifically using bisulfite-converted RNA and enriched RNA fragments. 

  • Optimized to synthesize DNA copies from bisulfite-converted RNA
  • Also suitable for cDNA synthesis from total RNA
  • Synthesized DNA is fully compatible with PCR and cDNA library construction
  • Included RT enzyme has low instrinsic RNase activity to deliver extremely high reverse transcription accuracy and promotes full-length cDNA synthesis

Effective and efficient preparation of cDNA from RNA can help ensure reliable data in various downstream applications including real-time qPCR and RNA/cDNA-sequencing. The EpiNext Hi-Fi cDNA Synthesis Kit has been optimized and validated for cDNA synthesis from various RNA samples, particularly from bisulfite-converted RNA and enriched RNA fragments. The kit contains all necessary components including a highly sensitive and thermostable recombinant reverse transcriptase which provides enhanced cDNA synthesis efficiency, high fidelity, and a wide range of activity for varying amounts of RNA templates (0.1 ng to 2 µg). Due to its high thermal stability, low RNase activity and resistance to inhibition by rRNA and tRNA, the recombinant RT included in the kit can be used for synthesis of long cDNA products at temperatures from 42°C-60°C using total RNA, and GC-rich templates such as bisulfite converted RNA. A recombinant RNase inhibitor is also included in the kit to prevent the degradation of target RNA due to ribonuclease contamination.

Starting Materials
RNA isolated from various tissue or cell samples can be used as starting material. The amount of RNA for each reaction can be 0.1 ng to 2 µg. For an optimal reaction, the input RNA amount should be 200 ng to 500 ng.

 Fig. 1. The EpiNext HiFi cDNA Synthesis Kit mechanism uses both A) oligo-dT and B) random hexamers.


Product Components

5X RT reaction buffer
10 mM dNTP mix*
0.1M DTT*
RNase inhibitor*
Random primer (50 µM)*
RT enzyme mix*
User Guide

*Spin the solution down to the bottom prior to use.

User Guide & MSDS

[User Guide]*
*Always use the actual User Guide that shipped with your product. Is the above file locked? You can also request user guides by emailing info@epigentek.com along with your contact information and institution name.

[Safety Data Sheet]
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