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Review the products you buy from us and receive Amazon.comĀ® gift cards -- up to $20 for each review. Your feedback will help other researchers make informed decisions about their purchases, plus allow us to further improve our products.

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Amazon.comĀ® gift card amount for each verified* product review

$20 LIMITED TIME for any published review with data
$5 For a published review
$10 A product's first review
$5 At least one image included with review

Thank you for your willingness to share your opinion. Epigentek reads all reviews prior to posting and reserves the right to reject the review due to:

  • Profane, obscene, hateful, threatening, violent, or spiteful remarks
  • Prices, availability, or alternative ordering/shipping information
  • Phone numbers, mail or email addresses, hyperlinks/URLs, or any personally identifable information
  • Criticism of non-product related elements such as service or delivery
  • Promotional content, astroturfing, or mention of competitors or resellers
  • Direct replies to existing customer reviews or attempt to initiate discussion
  • Any violations of copyright, privacy, or laws

See also the Product Reviews section of our Terms & Conditions for important policies and disclosures.

* Has an identifiable EpiGentek order number, PO number, or traceable order by e-mail address.
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