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EpiSonic™ 2000 Sonication System
Individually tested. Universally effective.

The EpiSonic™ 2000 is a multi-sample sonicator designed for DNA and chromatin shearing applications, capable of uniformly shearing between 150 bp and 20 kb. To ensure optimal performance and verify fragment sizes, we carefully examine and test each individual unit with a "white glove" approach.

Why Individually Test?

DNA and chromatin samples are so small that even the slightest manufacturing inconsistency of a unit could severely impact the fragmentation process. Our competitors' mass produced sonicators are often subject to these small inconsistencies, which leads to unreliable results due to inflexible quality control standards and a single protocol. The EpiSonic™, on the other hand, avoids these issues as our technicians perform full sonication runs as if it were in your own hands, then adjust and fine-tune the particular unit's protocol to achieve ideal target fragment sizes. Because in the end, results are what really matter.

Features At-A-Glance:

Engineered specifically for the epigenetic researcher, the EpiSonic™ 2000 quickly and efficiently generates consistent, reproducible fragments with virtually no sample loss, especially when it comes to next-generation sequencing analysis.

  • Simple input and controls
  • Simultaneous sonication of up to 12 samples
  • 10 minutes to shear 12 samples to 300 bp (50 sec/sample)
  • Reproducible and consistent fragments
  • Closed vessel proecssing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Continuous cooling system
  • 20-month warranty
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*Photo representation of sonicator appears much smaller than actual size. View product specifications for correct scale and dimensions.

Fig. 1. Demonstration of consistent fragments achieved with a single run of 12-sample multiplex shearing with the EpiSonicâ„¢ 2000.

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