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EpiQuik Mid-Range DNA Ladder


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EpiQuik Mid-Range DNA Ladder.
Reagent Type: DNA Ladder
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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R12005-1500 µl $61.00  Discontinued
Availability: Discontinued 
Product Overview

EpiQuik Mid-Range DNA Ladder consists of ten fragments: 300 bp, 500 bp, 500 bp, 1000 bp, 1500 bp, 2000 bp, 2500 bp, 3000 bp, 4000 bp and 5000 bp. Supplied in sufficient quantity for 100 loadings using 4-5 µl per loading. Not designed for quantifying of DNA concentration in a sample. Ladders available premixed as ready-to-use format premixed with loading-dye-solution (EXPRESS) or plain ladder to be mixed with loading dye of choice.

For precise sizing of double-stranded DNA fragments from 300 to 5000 bp on agarose gels.

Storage Conditions
Stable at room temperature for 12 months.

Fig. 1. EpiQuik Mid-Range DNA Ladder.

User Guide & MSDS

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