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Epigentek Releases New Multi-Sample Sonication System Optimized for Next-Generation Sequencing
Published 10/22/2014
Epigentek, a biotech firm based in Farmingdale, New York, released a new model in their line of sonication devices designed for multiplexed DNA shearing and chromatin shearing. The EpiSonic™ NGS Sonication System, or the EpiSonic™ 2000, offers multi-sample shearing of high consistency and uniformity. Designed for simultaneous, optimized processing of 1 to 12 samples at small microliter-level volumes, this new and easy-to-use system is an ideal solution for next-generation sequencing. The EpiSonic™ 1100 is still available for researchers who require maximum flexibility to accommodate a wider volume and sample-size range.

Next-generation sequencing proves to be an invaluable tool in epigenetics research. With advancements in NGS technology and opportunities for genomic research on the rise, an even stronger emphasis is placed on efficient DNA library preparation and high throughput capabilities. Methods, such as Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), also call for a reliable and efficient sample preparation process and play a large role in current epigenetics research.

The EpiSonic™ NGS Sonication System is specialized for producing small, consistent fragments optimized for next-generation sequencing applications. This model incorporates Digitally Adaptive Sonocavitation™ (DAS) technology to precisely and uniformly shear DNA and chromatin and takes only 10 minutes to shear 12 samples to 300 bp (50 sec/sample). Uniform fragment sizes between 150 bps and 20 kbs can be achieved depending on the researcher’s desired fragment length.

This new sonication device meets scientists’ requirements for a low-cost, flexible, higher throughput and easy-to-use design. It is capable of generating tight and highly reproducible fragments of various sizes, making it compatible with Illumina, Ion Torrent, 454, and Pacific Biosciences platforms. Because of this universal “one-for-all” capability, the EpiSonic™ NGS can be incorporated effortlessly into a researcher's NGS workflow, making it a smart choice for sequencing core facilities.

Learn more about the new EpiSonic™ NGS Sonication System at

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