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Epigentek Introduces an Advanced Sonication System for Hi-Throughput Sample Preparation in Next Generation ChIP & DNA Sequencing
Published 12/07/2010
NEW YORK, Dec 7 - Epigenetic specialists at Epigentek announced the product release of the EpiSonic(TM) Multi-Functional Bioprocessor 1000 (EpiSonic 1000) (http://www.epigentek.com/episonic), the latest generation sonication system used for high-throughput sample preparation in next generation ChIP and DNA sequencing.

This entirely digital instrument provides optimal DNA fragment size, excellent sample yield and consistency, and allows for rapid processing via 96- or 384-well microplates or standard laboratory tubes ranging from 0.2 to 15 ml. These features, along with hands-free and programmed memory operation, enable the EpiSonic 1000 to be easily integrated into existing lab workflows and to fit the specifications of all commercial ChIP and sequencing vendors.

High demand for massive parallel analysis of genetic and epigenetic alterations has driven the development of next generation ChIP and DNA sequencing technologies. An efficient, reliable method and device is needed to generate proper DNA fragments in a rapid and high-throughput fashion in order to be compatible with these technologies. The EpiSonic 1000, with its optimized protocols, provides the necessary elements to be compatible with next generation ChIP and DNA sequencing workflows.

To further accommodate next generation ChIP and DNA sequencing, the Episonic 1000 can be combined with Epigentek’s new ChromaFlash(TM) One-Step ChIP Kit for simultaneous processing of chromatin shearing and immunoprecipitation, greatly accelerating the entire ChIP process -- from chromatin to eluted DNA -- to the fastest speeds (less than 1 hour) in a high throughput format with higher efficiency.

These characteristics, in addition to significantly competitive pricing, make the EpiSonic 1000 superior to other commercial sonication systems.

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