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EpiQuik Taq 2x PCR Mix


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Reagent Type: PCR Mix
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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R12018-11 ml $69.00  Discontinued
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Product Overview

EpiQuik Taq 2x PCR Mix is a premixed solution containing everything needed for successful PCR reaction except specific primers and DNA template. The mix includes high-quality recombinant EpiQuik Taq DNA polymerase, nucleotides and magnesium in a PCR reaction buffer. For the reaction set-up, add the PCR Mix (10 or 25 µl) to the primers, template and water for the total reaction volume of 20 or 50 µl.


  • EpiQuik Taq DNA Polymerase(0.1 U/µl) in reaction buffer, 4 mM MgCl2, 0.4 mM of each dNTPs (dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP) 
  • Water (nuclease free) - 1 ml
  • 1 ml of mix is sufficient for 100 reactions


  • Ready-to-use mix reduces experimental variability
  • Reduced pipetting steps, thereby less time-consuming set-up of PCR

Storage Conditions
Store at -20ºC. Guaranteed stable for 1 year when properly stored.

User Guide & MSDS

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