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Epigentek Introduces a New Method for Direct Detection of 8-OHdG Oxidative DNA Damage
Published 11/08/2011
NEW YORK, Nov 8 - Epigentek has developed a new method to measure 8-OHdG oxidative DNA damage and is commercially available through the EpiQuik™ 8-OHdG DNA Damage Quantification Direct Kit. The method involves a direct detection mechanism of 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG or 8-oxo-dG) in DNA samples from any species such as mammals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and viruses and in a variety of forms including, but not limited to cultured cells, fresh and frozen tissues, paraffin-embedded tissues, and body fluid samples.

8-OHdG is widely accepted as a sensitive marker of oxidative DNA damage and oxidative stress. Evidence has shown that increased levels of 8-OHdG is closely correlated with exposure to harmful environment factors such as ionizing radiation, industrial chemicals, air pollution, cigarette smoking, and cancer chemotherapy. It has also been demonstrated that increased concentration of 8-OHdG pathogenically links to a variety of aging-associated diseases including cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

With the proprietary EpiQuik method, Epigentek makes a remarkable improvement over currently used 8-OHdG detection methods. The currently used competitive ELISA methods are not conveniently applicable for cell/tissue 8-OHdG detection because of their reduced accuracy and inability to directly use intact DNA isolated from cells or tissues. Methods such as HPLC-ED and LC-MS used for detecting 8-OHdG in tissues and cells are time consuming and have low throughput with high costs. In contrast, the EpiQuik™ 8-OHdG DNA Damage Quantification Direct Kit is able to directly quantify 8-OHdG in cell/tissues within three and a half hours. The kit eliminates interference from high molecular weight compounds such as carbohydrates and proteins that is often seen in competitive 8-OHdG assays. Furthermore, the kit has high sensitivity, of which the detection limit can be as low as 2 pg of 8-OHdG and has a high specificity by detecting only 8-OHdG -- no cross-reactivity to 8-OHdG analogues such as dG, guanine, 8-OHGua and 8-OHG within the indicated concentration range of the sample DNA. Detection accuracy of 8-OHdG with the kit is highly correlated with and similar to HPLC or LC-MS analysis.

This commercially available product and method will enable researchers to better understand the relationship between oxidative DNA damage and epigenetic functions.

For further information on our DNA damage products, please visit http://www.epigentek.com/catalog/dna-damage-repair-c-39.html.

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