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Epigentek Extensively Adds to Its Catalog of Epigenetic Antibodies
Published 10/27/2010
NEW YORK, Oct 26 - Epigentek is well known for its DNA and histone methylation research kits in the epigenetic research field. Through its expertise, the company has carefully selected and recently added to its catalog an extensive list of antibodies used in a multitude of epigenetic applications, including for chromatin/transcription and histone methylation research. This allows Epigentek to become one of the most complete carriers of epigenetic-related antibodies, increasing its total number of antibodies for epigenetics to more than six hundred.

Epigenetics has been attracting a very high level of interest over the recent years, as it relates to heritable changes in genome function that occur without any changes in the actual DNA nucleotide sequence. Studies have been revealing evidence suggesting that epigenetic mechanisms are critically important in a wide array of biological processes in mammals.

The easy access to Epigentek's antibodies will allow for futher studies of these epigenetic mechanisms. The company has plans to continue to expand its antibody collection, ultimately to provide a one-stop shop for scientists to locate and obtain their antibodies of choice for their epigenetic research.

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