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Epigentek Introduces Next Generation DNA Bisulfite Conversion Method to the Epigenetic Research Market
Published 03/08/2010
NEW YORK, March 8 - Epigenetic specialists at Epigentek have developed a next generation technology which significantly improves DNA bisulfite conversion speed and efficiency to assist in DNA methylation studies. This technology is incorporated into its new product, the BisulFlash(TM) DNA Modification Kit (http://www.epigentek.com/bisulflash), which completely converts unmethylated cytosine into uracil in only 30 minutes.

Aberrant DNA methylation is likely to be caused by a variety of environmental influences and is a molecular marker in multiple pathological processes such as cancer. Bisulfite modification of genomic DNA, followed by PCR amplification, cloning, and sequencing of individual PCR amplimers yields vital information on the methylation states of individual cytosines on individual DNA molecules.

With the BisulFlash(TM) technology, Epigentek makes a remarkable improvement over currently used DNA sodium bisulfite tools. Scientists at Epigentek have developed a proprietary means to effectively and simultaneously perform DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion, contrary to traditional methods in which the two processes were performed separately. This breakthrough approach enables the DNA conversion process to not only be immensely faster but also achieve higher conversion efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, a unique protection reagent prevents over 90% of DNA loss, preserving important DNA recovery.

In just 30 minutes, converted DNA eluate can be obtained for use in MS-PCR, real time MS-PCR, methylation microarray, and especially next generation methylation sequencing and pyrosequencing. Other commercial kits on the market can take anywhere from 2 to 7 hours to complete a procedure with homebrew methods even taking up to 16 hours.

DNA methylation-related products are a large part of the world market of epigenetics which will reach $18.2bn by 2015 according to a 2010 report by Global Industry Analysts. By introducing the next generation BisulFlash(TM) method, Epigentek remains a key player in the research market. Back in 2007, Epigentek formed a strategic partnership with Sigma-Aldrich to provide its epigenetic technologies, including DNA methylation and ChIP, to the St. Louis company and to further the studies of epigenetics.

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