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EpiQuik Global Acetyl Histone H3K9 Quantification Kit (Fluorometric)


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Input Type: Histone Extracts
Research Area: Histone Acetylation
Target Application: Amount Quantitation
Vessel Format: 96-Well Plate
Application Guarantee: 6 months
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P-4011-4848 assays $266.00 
P-4011-9696 assays $473.00 
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Product Overview

The EpiQuik™ Global Acetyl Histone H3-K9 Quantification Kit (Fluorometric) is a convenient package of tools that allows the experimenter to measure global acetylation of histone H3-K9 at tremendously fast speeds and consistency, superior and safer than all other current methods. The kit is ready-to-use and provides all the essential components needed to carry out a successful assay experiment. The EpiQuik™ Global Acetyl Histone H3-K9 Quantification Kit (Fluorometric) is suitable for specifically measuring global histone H3-K9 acetylation using a variety of mammalian cells (human, mouse, etc.) including fresh and frozen tissues, and cultured adherent and suspension cells.


  • Quick and efficient procedure, which can be finished within 2.5 hours.
  • Innovative fluorometric assay without the need for radioactivity, electrophoresis, or chromatography.
  • Specifically captures acetyl H3-K9 with the detection limit as low as 0.4 ng/well and detection range from 5 ng-2 µg/well of histone extracts.
  • The control is conveniently included for the quantification of the amount of acetyl H3-K9.
  • Strip microplate format makes the assay flexible: manual or high throughput.
  • Simple, reliable, and consistent assay conditions.
Product Details

The EpiQuik™ Global Acetyl Histone H3-K9 Quantification Kit (Fluorometric) is designed for measuring global histone H3-K9 acetylation. In an assay with this kit, the acetyl histone H3 at lysine 9 is captured to the strip wells coated with an anti-acetyl H3-K9 antibody. The captured acetyl histone H3-K9 can then be detected with a labeled detection antibody followed by a fluorescent development reagent. The ratio of acetyl H3-K9 is proportional to the intensity of fluorescence. The absolute amount of acetyl H3-K9 can be quantified by comparing to the standard control.


Product Components

F1 (10X wash buffer)
F2 (antibody buffer)
F3 (detection antibody, 1 mg/ml)*
F4 (fluoro developer)*
F5 (fluoro enhancer)*
F6 (fluoro dilution)
Standard control (100 µg/ml)*
8 well sample strips (with frame)
8 well standard control strips
User guide

* For maximum recovery of the products, centrifuge the original vial prior to opening the cap.

User Guide & MSDS

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