ChIP-qPCR Service

Protein-DNA interaction plays a critical role for a variety of cellular functions. Therefore, identifying the genetic targets of DNA binding proteins and knowing the mechanisms of protein-DNA interaction is important for understanding cellular processes. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) followed by PCR offers an advantageous tool for studying protein-DNA interactions by allowing relative quantification of the amount of protein at a targeted residue that is associated with a specific gene promoter region under various conditions.

EpiGentek’s chromatin immunoprecipitation quantitative PCR (ChIP-qPCR) service has been discontinued. However, the same robust and reliable kits which helped power our ChIP-qPCR service are available for purchase through our catalog so your lab can carry out the process. Our User Guides help carefully explain the protocol and processes involved for successful usage of our kits and our scientists are available to help with any technical questions after purchase.

For your convenience, you can find the following kits which were used in our ChIP-qPCR service here: