Drug Discovery Screening

Comprehensive Drug & Compound Screening Services of Epigenetic Targets
Epigenetic Modulator and Inhibitor Screening and Profiling Services


EpiGentek has the broadest panel of epigenetic enzymes and modifications to help you establish how selective a compound is to its intended targets. The validated assay methods we incorporate allow us to directly measure the enzyme-converted products or modification patterns, enabling us to deliver to you results that are more accurate and reliable.

Epigenetic modifications, including DNA methylation/demethylation, histone methylation/demethylation, and histone acetylation/deacetylation, can be used as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in many diseases, especially cancer. This has led pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to actively search for intervention agents of epigenetic alterations.


Drug Discovery

As the very first provider of epigenetic drug discovery services, EpiGentek has extensive expertise in high quality screening assays based on a multitude of successful projects completed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions since 2007. To better meet your organization’s needs at each stage of drug discovery continuum, EpiGentek’s enhanced service for profiling and screening now covers more epigenetic targets than ever, all in a convenient manner and at an affordable rate. Furthermore, our flexible assay systems offer single pharmacological dose for hit confirmation or otherwise multiple doses for IC50s (at 7-10 concentration points). Let our services enable your organization to:

  • Speed up your drug development without the burden of increased staff and equipment.
  • Choose better drug candidates for further development.
  • Determine specificity of the lead candidates against a wide range of epigenetic targets.
  • Validate lead candidates in a rapid, reliable, and high throughput assay format.
  • Our two solid screening assay systems enable drug candidates to be tested in situ and in vitro with a single dose for hits or multiple doses for half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50s).



  • Epigenase™ Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitor Screening Service
    We’re sorry, but we are no longer offering this service directly to customers at this time. Please contact your distributor for availability.
    Includes DNMT profiling, HMT profiling, HDMT profiling, HAT profiling, HDAC profiling, and bromodomain profiling
  • EpiModifier™ Epigenetic Histone Modification Profiling
    Includes DNA methylation profiling, DNA demethylation profiling, histone acetylation profiling, histone methylation profiling, histone phosphorylation profiling, and histone SUMOylation profiling