hMeDIP-Sequencing (hMeDIP-Seq) Service

EpiGentek’s genome-wide hydroxymethylated DNA immunoprecipitation (hMeDIP) sequencing platform efficiently and accurately detects 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) at multi base resolution without cross-reactivity to methylated cytosine or unmethylated cytosine. A high-affinity 5-hmC antibody is used to immunoprecipitate and enrich DNA fragments with the utmost precision. Detection of 5-hmC, a modified form of cytosine with unclear functions in gene regulation, offers opportunities for researchers to investigate methylation-based epigenetic regulation of gene functions.

hMeDIP Sequencing
Service #S-2HDS
hMeDIP-Seq method to detect DNA hydroxymethylation at CpG sites across the entire genome at multi base resolution (50-100 bp).
Hydroxymethylated DNA immunoprecipitation
5-hmC NGS library prep
HiSeq 2500 sequencing (single read 50 nts)
Bioinformatics analysis

Sample Requirements

Epigenetic Services Sample Requirements
We currently accept DNA, cell, and tissue samples for our hMeDIP-Sequencing (hMeDIP-Seq) service. Proper sample preparation along with the appropriate quality control methods on your end will allow the greatest chance for assay success. Please follow all guidelines for sample requirements, packaging and labeling, and shipping which are outlined on the Submission Instructions page.

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