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Global 5mC ELISA

DNA Methyltransferase & Demethylase Assays

DNA methyltransferases, or DNMTs, catalyze DNA methylation by adding methyl groups to the 5-carbon position of the cytosine ring, resulting in 5-methylcytosine. The various types of DNMTs are responsible for the maintenance and establishment of DNA methylation patterns. The ten-eleven translocation, or TET, family of 5-mC hydroxylase enzymes including TET1 are responsible for oxidizing 5-methylcytosine into 5-hydroxymethylcytosine. Measuring DNMT and TET amounts, activity, and inhibition levels will allow us to better understand the relationships between cytosine, 5-methylcytosine, and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine as part of the DNA methylation and DNA demethylation cycle.


EpiQuik DNMT Activity/Inhibition Assay Ultra Kit (Colorimetric)Cat #P-3009

Epigenase 5mC-Hydroxylase TET Activity/Inhibition Assay Kit (Colorimetric) Cat #P-3086

Epigenase Thymine DNA Glycosylase (TDG) Activity/Inhibition Assay Kit (Colorimetric) Cat #P-3094

EpiQuik DNA Demethylase Activity/Inhibition Assay Ultra KitCat #P-3008

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PurposeColorimetrically measure total DNMT activity/inhibitionColorimetrically measure total TET activity/inhibitionColorimetrically measure total TDG activity/inhibitionColorimetrically measure total DNA demethylase activity/inhibition
Starting MaterialNuclear extract or purified enzymeNuclear extract or purified enzymeNuclear extract or purified enzymeNuclear extract
Input Range0.5-20 µg of nuclear extract; or 20-200 ng of purified enzyme2-20 µg of nuclear extract; or 20-1000 ng of purified enzyme2-10 µg of nuclear extract; or 20-1000 ng of purified enzyme2-20 µg of nuclear extract
Total Time4 hours5 hours5 hours4 hours
Detection Threshold0.5 ng of purified DNMT20 ng of purified TET20 ng of purified TDG1 µg of nuclear extract
Positive Control Included
FormatELISA-like Microplate-basedELISA-like Microplate-basedELISA-like Microplate-basedELISA-like Microplate-based
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