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BisulFlash DNA Bisulfite Conversion Easy Kit


For lightning fast bisulfite treatment of DNA via spin column format

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Suggested Workflow
DNA Isolation
DNA Bisulfite Conversion
DNA Size Selection
NGS Analysis
Schematic procedure of the BisulFlash™ DNA Bisulfite Conversion Easy Kit.
Different amounts of HeLa DNA were converted using the BisulFlash™ DNA Bisulfite Conversion Easy Kit. A) Real-time PCR Ct value curve for different amounts of input DNA performed using primers designed for both methylated and unmethylated alleles of β-actin.
B) Ct values for different gene targets of a converted DNA sample. Internal control β-actin Ct value is also shown. All converted DNA was amplified using the Methylamp™ MS-qPCR Fast Kit (Cat. No. P-1028).
Input Type: DNA
Research Area: DNA Methylation
Target Application: Sample Modification
Vessel Format: Columns/Tubes
100% Guarantee: 6 months
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P-1054-05050 reactions $140.00 
Order within 7 hr 34 min & get it by tomorrow 
Product Overview

The BisulFlash™ DNA Bisulfite Conversion Easy Kit uses a unique conversion solution and column-based clean-up to generate bisulfite-converted DNA in a fast, reliable, and convenient format. Each kit contains sufficient components for 50 total reactions. High yield, converted DNA can be obtained and used for various downstream applications including PCR, array, bisulfite sequencing, as well as next generation sequencing. The kit has the following advantages:

  • Fast Procedure – The entire process can be completed within 1 hour.
  • Streamlined - Concurrently processes the DNA denaturation and C to T conversion steps without the need for a separate DNA denaturation step.
  • Convenient - The bisulfite conversion reagent is in a stable, pre-mixed liquid solution format, eliminating the need for powder-based preparation.
  • Complete Conversion - Completely converts unmethylated cytosine into uracil (>99.9%) with negligible inappropriate or erroneous conversion of methylcytosine to thymine (<0.1%).
  • Robust - Simple, reliable, and consistent reaction conditions with an easy-to-follow protocol and high yield.

Background Information
DNA methylation is essential in regulating gene expression in nearly all biological processes including development, growth, and differentiation. Gene/region-specific or genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation or 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) could provide valuable information for discovering epigenetic markers used for disease diagnosis, and potential targets used for therapeutics. By treating DNA with bisulfite, cytosine residues are deaminated to uracil while leaving 5-methylcytosine intact, so that methylated cytosine can be properly identified via PCR, array, bisulfite sequencing, or next generation sequencing.

Principle & Procedure
This kit contains all reagents necessary for a fast bisulfite conversion in a high throughput format. With the unique conversion mix solution, DNA denaturation status is sustained throughout the entire bisulfite conversion process, thereby enabling all unmethylated cytosines to be successfully converted to uracil. Desulfonation and clean-up of the converted DNA is performed using DNA purification columns. High yield, converted DNA can be obtained and used for various downstream applications including PCR, array, and next generation sequencing.

Starting Materials
Starting materials may include various tissue or cell samples such as: cultured cells from a flask or microplate, microdissection sample, paraffin-embedded tissue, plasma/serum sample, and body fluid sample, etc

User Guide & MSDS

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