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Epigenetic Services EpiSonic NGS Bisulfite Sequencing 8-OhDG Oxidative DNA Damage DNA purification beads
Global DNA 5-mC ELISA
Simple and cost-effective ELISA-like method to accurately quantify global DNA methylation, with comparable results to HPLC-MS/MS.
Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation
Construct a high quality DNA library for epigenetic NGS using our multiplex-capable library preparation kits.
Histone Modification Multiplex
Screen samples against twenty-one histone H3 or ten H4 targets on a single 96-well microplate in an ELISA-like format.
CRISPR/Cas9 Polyclonal Antibody
High quality CRISPR/Cas9 antibody for use in gene editing and genome engineering applications.

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